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Cleaning appeared in the UK at the beginning of the XIX century. Companies engaged in cleaning various premises were organized. Subsequently, they opened the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences in England. In 1834, a separate profession “cleaner of premises” appeared.

Over the past few years, home cleaning service has become popular and in demand. People are increasingly entrusting their household chores to professionals who, in a matter of hours, can clean up home after repairs or wash the windows quickly and without stains. Find out what pitfalls paid cleaning hides and what is the cost of a clean floor.

Brazil: widespread use of household chemicals

Today it is difficult to find a person who does not buy chemicals for cleaning. It is difficult to excel the Brazilian population at this indicator. Top cleaning companies in Brazil bring the most powerful chemicals for cleaning, but first they need to come and evaluate the furniture of a house or apartment in order to understand which agent is best suited. Brazilians do not spare water when washing the floor: there are direct exits from the rooms to the street in many houses, so the water is simply flushed there. And you can not enter the house immediately after cleaning, you must wait 3 hours for full ventilation of the premises so as not to harm your health. This rule was introduced in all cleaning companies a few years ago to preserve the health of the population.

The cost of cleaning a studio apartment in Brazil is $117.

China: the most difficult cleaning area is the kitchen

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A sociological survey was conducted in China and it turned out that 54% of the population believe that cleaning the kitchen is the most difficult stage. The Chinese struggle with grease every day: the national cuisine of the Celestial Empire is based on frying a variety of products. Chinese housewives wash the stove, floor and ceiling of grease every day. It is worth noting that it is for cleaning the kitchen that local residents call cleaning companies.

Cleaning of a studio apartment in China — $75.

France: music is an additional help during cleaning

French citizens claim that the musical accompaniment of cleaning is an integral part of the job. Residents of the “baguette country” not only listen and sing along during cleaning, but also find time to dance to their favourite song.

Cleaning of a studio apartment in France is estimated at $80.

Germany: Will the cleaner bring cleaning supplies and equipment with her?

If you want a cleaner in Germany to bring detergents, a mop and a vacuum cleaner, you need to specify this option in the booking form. If you didn’t know or forgot to do this, you should definitely provide your cleaning equipment.

General cleaning of a studio apartment in Germany costs $ 120.

Switzerland: cleaning like a century

The main feature of cleaning an apartment in Switzerland is time. It all depends on the number of rooms. For example, a “three-piece” in Switzerland will be cleaned for 13 hours, and the price for this will be $ 500. If you rent an apartment, it is not recommended to clean on your own, most often it is written in the contract that cleaning companies will do this.

The cost of cleaning a studio apartment in Switzerland starts from $150.

USA: talking to yourself while cleaning

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Americans strive to bring the matter to an end as quickly, easily and naturally as possible, so they complement the process with other actions. They are carrying on a dialogue within themselves. They say that the hours spent in this way fly by unnoticed.

However, cleaning will become even more invisible if you invite professionals. Enter the query “cleaning service near me” in the search box and find out the current cleaning rate.