Coffee tables from Oixdesign come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Their main purpose is an additional surface for storing drinks, snacks, books and other items that you want to keep within reach when sitting in an armchair or on the sofa. 

The choice of marble coffee table turns this piece of furniture from a purely functional into a stylish interior element. You and your family, guests will definitely be sitting at such an exquisite coffee table from Oixdesign, because it has so many advantages:

  • Each piece of furniture is small but mighty;
  • Versatility is its key;
  • Lightweight and easy to move;
  • Sustainability at its finest.
SquareSoft Coffee Table Set Carrara Marble Slide

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Marble is an extremely durable material that can withstand not only heavy weight, but also mechanical influences, such as shocks, humidity loads, temperature changes. The structure of the stone is not subject to rotting, deformation, it is very easy to care for such a surface.

Marble coffee table from Oixdesign is easy to fit into any modern interior. All thanks to the rounded shapes of such furniture and fashionable combinations of materials. Clear lines and neat finish – a marble table is perfect for both a designer sofa and a bedside table.

The table with marble adapts to all styles, combining with metal or wood. It can be very useful at the same time in the form of a small side table and the main element of the living room interior.

White Marble Coffee Table Set Classico Travertine

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Choosing a marble table as a TV stand, you can bring a special sophistication to your interior. In addition, such a choice is an important advantage: each marble countertop has random natural veins, giving your furniture a unique graphic structure.

Please note that experts do not advise you to overload the marble table with accessories and trinkets too much. This piece of interior is beautiful in itself.